Tom Cunliffe


She’s Nobody’s Song

Template for Love 

She was born on the run

You’re bound to your chair

She sleeps on the moon

While you just lie awake

The age in her eyes

Drains when she opens her mouth

Her children are grown

She beckons you home

Like a lover you left

In the mess of a moonlit bed

Softly she slips

Through the cracks

In your room

Like the night

The ghost light

A thin wind

Your blood spins

For her skin  

There’s a thorn in your shoe

She’s got wings on her feet  

And she sings in tune

While you lose the note

The dreams that have died

Are alive in the lines of her face

And they turn you on

But she’s nobody’s song

She’s nobody’s muse

To be used for a line or two

Heavy the weight

Of the hope

That you hold

For bad love

That old drunk

A rare find

Your blood wild

For her mind