Template for Love

Outside the lights are frightening
They’re building to the moon
The stars are getting edgy
The sky’s all out of room
They’re cheering in the streets
They’ll be pointing fingers soon
But it’s tender dark and hidden
In our loser’s saloon

There’s poison in their water
Diamonds rotting in their mines
They’ll have to learn to see
If they want to read the signs
It’s lonely at the top
And there’s still no room for you
But everybody’s welcome
In our loser’s saloon

If life’s a competition
Death wins in the end
They’re frightened for their daughters
Because they raised their sons as men
Their anger wants an ally
But the bride has left the groom
She’s laid across her lover
In our loser’s saloon

There’s something going on here
But nothing’s more their style
They’re quick to offend
Yet they’re easily defiled
Now Joan owns an empire
And Henry holds a broom
It’s sanity gone mad
In our loser’s saloon

The dead have taken to the streets
For one last wicked waltz
Their fading lives another crime
That’s somewhere else’s fault
The wind is blowing back
Today the ancient beat the new
But tomorrow’s taking refuge
in our loser’s saloon

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