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We all build our own worlds, out of the joy we find and the pleasures we worship. Tom has built his world out of words. His two albums are loquacious and philosophical, drawing from the folk tradition lyrically, but an expansive palette musically.

Template for Love was released in 2018, after being recorded in Lyttelton, New Zealand. Tom was fortunate to be able to call upon the creativity and virtuosity of The Yarra Benders (Marlon Williams) as studio collaborators. Produced by Dave Khan and Ben Edwards, it’s an energetic and acerbic foray into folk rock.

With his debut, Howl and Whisper (2016), Tom had already laid the foundations for a body of work built on lilting melodies and crafted lyrics. Since then, performances have taken him all over New Zealand as well as to Australia and Europe. Poems have been dedicated to Primrose Hill in London, a park in Barcelona and the sharp, leafless days of a Melbourne winter. Wherever Tom ends up you will likely be invited to follow, at his next show, or on his next album.