Template for Love

Joni drives the night away
With foreign tea and flowers picked in afternoons
And left for you in solitude
‘Til you return again to warm her room
Her floor is hard
Her sofa long
She draws you naked in her arms
She pencils in your body hair
You hold her charcoal legs in the air
But Joni won’t pose for your song 

Lonely she turns into the wind
With armoured lips and eyes that burn a brittle blue
She strides fairfooted through the morning dew
And sighs for everything you put her through
Her smell is sweet
Her tongue is free
Her hand will lead you to the sea
You’ll taste the ocean on her skin
She’ll dare you with her wild grin
But Joni won’t pose for your song

Boldly you stumble for her soul
Your humble words and simple tune
Won’t touch her world
Chasing shadows on a moonless night
Blinded by her stage lights
Her outline soft
Your colours bleed
Your pen won’t pen what your heart sees
It makes no difference to your song
But you know that she’ll listen when she’s gone
and Joni won’t pose for your song

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