Template For Love

I believe in the night  
I kneel in the shadows
I pray for the sight of
a slim silhouette
Of the Devil’s best
and a hit of regret

Follow me down
To a hole in the ground
While I wrestle your dress
Taste the dirt cheap ale
On a stranger’s breath
And take this night to your death

Fill the courtyard with smoke
Spend your last at the bar  
While I drink kiss my throat
With your diamond lips
You just couldn’t believe
I’d out-steal the thief  

And did you dance here
With your hair left wild
and long?
Did you leave stumbling giddy
Up the stairs and in my arms?
In my arms
When you were young
I was bold and we had fun
Tongue to tongue
Trying to cheat
The morning sun

Her breath fills the air
Speaking in moans
I remember her hair
I long for her lips
I smile alone in our unmade throne 

Her mouth on her mouth
Her mouth on her skin
She takes from the rich
And gives to the poor
One night a week on a
foreign floor 

The grandfather clock
At the top of the stairs
Sings for the sex
that used to shock
The walls and the chairs
But has long been lost

And will you show them
When I’m lowered to the earth?  
Will you laugh?
Will you smile?
And will you dance
Like you danced
In my arms
When we were young
And I was bold
Will you make love
With burning blood?
And will you feel me
In the sands and in the sun?

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